Jack Nicholson Murder Pals is a website dedicated to archiving some of Claire Rosalie's shitty music that she made in years past. If you're on this website by accident, scram kiddo, or else!

Feel free to download anything you see here. This might not be updated ever again because, fuck, that's time and effort I could put into masturbating.

Giant Beetle releases:

John Cusack Suicide Cult releases (before "Self Esteem -1"):


Single-Release Acts:

Here's a list of all the other music links (as of 16 Oct 2015):

Just as a little bonus side note down here I refuse to claim responsibility if any of this bitch ass nonsense you tryna download offends any of you. It's not my music. I'm just putting it here in case other people want to explore the depths of shit that comprises Claire's early work. She didn't want it. Why do you think she keeps deleting it? Anyway, enjoy :)